Acaros Volumetric

Automatic sample preparation solution designed for high volumes of samples. Key features include:

  • Integrated autosampler and autodiluter
  • High speed sample processing using volumetric dilutions
  • Handles multiple dilution factors
  • Manages various recipes / methods per sample
  • Neglectable carry-over
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Automatic sample preparation

Increase your lab's sample throughput

The Acaros Volumetric automatically prepares high volumes of samples. It offers an integrated autosampler and autodiluter to efficiently process samples at high speed. Weighing tubes and their content, diluting, mixing, sampling, steering and transporting them to the ICP analyzer are just a few examples of preparation steps that are performed automatically by this solution. It enables processing and analyzing of samples in a controlled, accurate, reproducible and time-saving way. In addition, the Acaros is able to calibrate the ICP analyzer and to handle, check and interpret the gathered data.

Volumetric dilution

The Acaros Volumetric automatically performs dilutions based on volume. It handles varying dilution factors and is able to manage various recipes or methods per sample. In addition, it performs viscosity and density procedures.

Acaros Software

The Acaros Software has been specifically developed for laboratory professionals. It allows them to perform multiple recipes per sample. Visual insight enables easy prioritizing and grouping of samples. Quality control is performed automatically. The latest technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with our experience and knowledge in sample preparation are condensed in this software.

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Acaros Software

Minimal sample to sample carry over

Sample to sample carry over is a significant source to inaccurate and unreliable analysis results. The Acaros Volumetric is designed to minimize the amount of sample to sample carry over by offering:

  • Disposable pipets: a separate pipet is used for each sample.
  • Height sensors: an ultrasonic height-sensor ensures the pipet only goes into the sample ~2 mm and moves down with the liquid surface while aspirating. A second ultrasonic height sensor ensures the needle, used to bring the diluted and mixed sample to the sample loop, to remain as clean as possible.
  • Mix tubes: each sample is homogenized in the vortex mixer using its own mix tube.

SPECTRO ICP automation

As a preferred partner of SPECTRO, our Acaros Volumetric is specifically designed for seamless integration with ICP analyzers. This powerful integration enables fully automatic sampling, diluting and analysis. As a result, the sample throughput of laboratories is increased and the quality of the prepared samples is highly consistent and reliable.

Highly efficient process

The vortex mixer of the Acaros Volumetric quickly homogenizes the sample/solvent mixture. After homogenization, the diluted and homogenized sample is directly sent to the Turbolizer©. This optional feature reduces the sample to sample time. Preparation of samples, measuring and cleaning takes place simultaneously to archive an efficient process.

Adapted to your requirements

All Labiron solutions, including the Acaros Volumetric, are highly customizable to meet your laboratories’ requirements and integrate with existing IT systems. The user interface allows you to customize the process to your laboratories’ workflows. Would you like to find out more? Get in touch with our specialists for a (technical) consult, we are happy to advise you on the solution that matches your laboratories’ requirements.

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Our solutions are applied to automate the preparation process of various types of fluid and solid samples. Have a look at the highlighted applications below and discover the specific challenges and benefits of automation for your application.

Automatic soil sample preparation

Soil sample preparation

Soil samples cannot be introduced to the analyzer directly. A soil sample preparation procedure is performed.

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Automatic water sample preparation

Water sample preparation

Water samples or waste water flows are tested either frequently or by continuously monitoring water flows on-site.

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Automatic oil sample preparation

Oil sample preparation

Oil samples undergo an extensive preparation procedure before they are introduced to the ICP analyzer.

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