Acaros Software

Software for our automatic sample preparation solutions, developed for laboratory professionals. Key features include:

  • Multiple preparation methods per sample
  • Prioritize samples and group them visually
  • Insight in your application process, takt time and solvent usage
  • Custom integration with the LIMS system used by your laboratory
  • Fully automatic clean system procedure
  • Standard included with Acaros solutions
Acaros Software

Insight in your application

The Acaros Software provides laboratory professionals with detailed insight of their application, such as:

  • Process
  • Takt time
  • Solvent usage

In addition to these insights, process tuning parameters allow laboratory professionals to decrease their takt time or solvent usage for example. This software is standard included with our Acaros Gravimetric and Acaros Volumetric solutions.

Optimized for accuracy or speed

Your customers’ requirements, the fluids or solids that need to be analyzed and the prescribed standards (e.g. ASTM or DIN) determine the way that samples are prepared. Depending on these variables, the Acaros Software can be optimized for high accuracy over speed or vice versa. Get in touch with our specialists for a (technical) consult, we are happy to inform you about the many options our automation solutions offer.

Developed for laboratory professionals

The Acaros Software has been specifically developed for laboratory professionals. It allows them to perform multiple recipes per sample. Visual insight enables easy prioritizing and grouping of samples. Quality control is performed automatically. The latest technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with our experience and knowledge in sample preparation are incorporated in this software.

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Fully automatic clean system procedure

To minimize any sample to sample carry over (contamination), the Acaros Software follows a fully automatic clean system procedure. Every part of the solution that has been in contact with the sample is interactively and thoroughly cleaned before the next sample is prepared. This procedure ensures highly accurate and reliable analysis results.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Acaros Software makes use of an AI rule engine. It ensures the samples are prepared efficiently and adapts to situation changes to keep the takt time low. Occasionally when it detects a fault in the preparation of a sample, it prematurely stops further preparation of the faulty sample. Any disposables used by the sample are discarded and components that had been in contact with the sample cleaned. Meanwhile the system keeps preparing the other samples wherever it is possible. This powerful feature enables laboratories to maximize their speed and throughput while maintaining the highest quality data.

Compatible with SPECTRO software

As Labiron is a preferred partner of SPECTRO, our Acaros Software is compatible with both the SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro and Smart Analyzer Vision software platforms. The powerful integration of SPECTRO and Labiron enables laboratories to benefit from fully automatic sampling, diluting and analysis.

Would you like to find out more? We are happy to advise you on the solution and modules that match your laboratories’ requirements and workflows.

Applied in

The Acaros Software is standard included with our Acaros solutions. Have a look at the highlighted solutions below and discover the benefits for your laboratory.

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Acaros Gravimetric

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