Service and support

We have a dedicated support team to help you maintain the maximum performance of our automation solutions. Our (field) service engineers provide effective service, support and maintenance.

If you have any technical, service or support questions, you can either:

Send your request to us and one of our service engineers will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Labiron service and support

Remotely and on-site

Whenever possible, we provide you with support using remote services. It offers increased response time and minimized costs. If it is necessary to get direct access to your system to provide the right solution, we will process your support request on-site.

Service level agreement

Our Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is the level of service agreed on between Labiron and you as our customer. The level of service could include performance, customer service requirements and incident response time requirements. Annually or semi-annually preventative maintenance is standard included.

Do you have any questions about our support or service? Would you like to discuss the service level agreement, training or process optimalization options?

Service training options

During the installation of all Labiron solutions, a short user training is included as standard. In addition, we also offer extensive service training options. This training increases the self-reliance of the customer. It ensures that the person within the lab who is responsible for the automation solution can easily and confidently provide first-line support. Our training courses can be provided on-site and refresher courses are also possible.

Contact Labiron specialists

Process optimalization

Would you like to know how to get maximum performance and speed without compromising on quality? Get in touch with our specialists. We offer expert advise, specified to your environment, types of samples, solvents, standards and customers. A few examples:

  • Increased speed and throughput
  • Minimal carry-over
  • Reduction of consumables

Reliable solutions

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of reliability in our solutions and have a proven track record in laboratory automation. Our modular, customer-specific solutions are adjusted to the preparation steps and procedures performed by your laboratory.