Petrochemical industry

Laboratories in the petrochemical industry are challenged by the increasing number of (lubricating) oils, diesel and coolants samples they are required to process. In an ever faster pace with high accuracy demands. Automating the time-consuming tasks of sampling, diluting and analysis allows laboratories to increase their sample throughput. It enables them to offer highly consistent, reliable services.

Petrochemical industry

Oil, diesel and coolants analysis

To determine the health of oil and the machinery in which it is used, frequent analysis is required. Commercial, quality and chemical laboratories perform a wide range of fluid testing services to customers in the petrochemical industry. These services provide detailed information about the:

  • Machine health
  • Lubricant condition
  • Contamination

The analysis results of (lubricating) oils, diesel and coolants are essential to reduce any risk of damage of machinery. It provides customers with valuable insights that form the basis of a preventative maintenance tool.

Aviation, marine and industrial customers

Customers in the aviation, marine and industrial sectors rely on the high quality service of laboratories to efficiently schedule maintenance of their vehicles, aircraft, ships and industrial systems. To avoid any risks, it is of utmost importance to detect deviations in these fluids at the earliest stage possible. Frequent analysis helps these customers to reduce downtime, increase equipment availability or monitor engine and product performance.

Automatic oil sampling, dilution and analysis

Our solutions are applied for automatic oil sampling, dilution and analysis. They enable laboratories in the petrochemical industry to:

  • Increase their speed and sample throughput
  • Improve the quality, consistency and reliability of their services
  • Reduce costs as a result of high productivity and accuracy

Automation specialist for petrochemical labs

The high-end laboratory automation solutions designed and developed by Labiron are used for various applications in petrochemical laboratories world-wide. They efficiently process large volumes of (lubricating) oil, diesel or coolant samples at high speed. Would you like to find out how you can run your oil laboratory more efficiently?

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