Automatic water sample preparation

Water can be tested either by frequently taking samples from several locations or by continuously monitoring water flows. To prepare these samples for analysis, a water sample preparation procedure takes place. Weighing, dilution and homogenizing are examples of the preparation steps performed by (water) laboratories. Once this process is automated, the most optimal and effective sample preparation workflow is realized. It enables skilled laboratory professionals to focus on analyzing and verifying the collected data to provide a high quality service.

Automatic water sample preparation

Testing of (waste)water is vital for customers in the industrial and production industry as a quality check to comply with regulatory requirements. The analysis results are also used to monitor and control the quality of ground water or drinking water for example. Based on these detailed results, water purification or treatment plans are set up and implemented.

Water sample preparation procedure

To identify and quantify pollutants, analysis in a laboratory is the only way. To make the samples suitable for the analyzer, they are typically diluted and homogenized. The dilution can be performed on a weight basis (gravimetric) for example.

Typical water preparation steps

The following sample preparation steps are common when preparing and analyzing water samples:

  • Continuous sampling from a water flow
  • Gravimetric dilution
  • Homogenizing (vortex mixing)
  • Filtration
  • Transporting to the ICP analyzer
Water sample preparation steps

Continuous water sampling, dilution and analysis

With many years of experience and knowledge in automation of (waste)water flow monitoring and water sample preparation, our specialists understand how your laboratory functions. Our high-end automation solutions offers fully automatic water sampling, dilution and analysis. They are customer-specific, which means they are adjusted to your laboratories’ preparation steps and procedures performed by your laboratory. By automating the time-consuming tasks of sample preparation, laboratories are able to increase their speed while maintaining the highest quality data. As a result, they are able to:

  • Continuously monitor (waste)water flows
  • Analyze water samples as optimal and effective as possible
  • Improve the quality, consistency and reliability of their services

Would you like to find out more? We are happy to advise you on the solution and modules that match your laboratories’ requirements and workflows.


The high-end laboratory automation solutions designed and developed by Labiron can be customized to meet your laboratories’ requirements. Whether these requirements are related to the fluids or the solids that need to be analyzed or the prescribed standards. Discover the benefits of automatic sample preparation for your laboratory.

Automatic sample preparation

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