Your automated analysis process

We analyse your process

Before starting with the automation of your process, we will analyze it and break it “down” to the basics. Starting from the individual processes is the best way to achieve the most suitable technical solution.

We give you advice

After your process is simplified to its component parts, we will advise as to the different possible technical solutions available. As we are an engineering company we are able to configure the best system for your specific situation. Together we will choose the right direction to take.

We get your needs

Your solution is a mix of proven technology, for example robotic systems, and if necessary specifically engineered modules. Starting from your basic requirement we choose the best components to create the optimal solution.

We customize your needs

Starting with the chosen technology we fine-tune it to exactly meet your requirements. We will modify the components, improve the control software, develop new user interfaces and optimize total functionality. Plus we implement complete communication with your system at all levels. 

Your personal solution

Labiron Systems skill is to create the best solution for every customer’s specific circumstances at reasonable costs. The new system will fit perfectly within your physical and software environment, meet all your needs and be implemented using the best possible technical solutions for complete integration.