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Labiron is the specialist in laboratory automation. Our automation solutions enable laboratories to optimize their operations. Learn how your laboratory can benefit from automatic sample preparation.

Automatic sample preparation

Laboratories are challenged by the increasing number of samples they are required to process in an ever faster pace with high accuracy demands. Our automation solutions  enable them to efficiently process large volumes of oil, coolants, water and soil samples. By automating the time-consuming tasks of sample preparation, laboratories benefit from:

  • Increase speed and sample throughput
  • Improve the consistency and reliability of their services
  • Allow skilled lab employees to add more value

Our different areas of expertise, in combination with 35+ years of experience, make Labiron a true specialist and knowledge partner in laboratory automation. Discover our latest developments and news articles.


Our automation solutions are applied in a wide variety of industries world-wide. Have a look at the highlighted industries below and discover the benefits of automatic sample preparation for each one of them.

Environmental sector

Laboratories in the environmental sector offer quality and analysis services for soil, sediment or fertilizer testing.

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(Waste)water industry

In the (waste) water industry, laboratories provide quality, testing and analysis services for ground, waste and drinking water.

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Petrochemical industry

Laboratories in the petrochemical industry are challenged by the increasing number of samples they are required to process.

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